Why Every Business Needs a Mobile App

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There is an old quote – “Your business doesn’t exist if it does not have a website”. The essence of the quote remains the same but the technology has advanced. Every business has to be vigilant when it comes to marketing. Reaching the right customers and positioning your brand as the most attractive best option is a tough task but handheld technology is currently the solution for that. Mobile apps is no more a premium business deliverable, it has already become a necessity in order to gain a competitive edge. Interestingly, many customers now expect a brand or a business to have an mobile app. It has taken information sharing and service provisioning to a complete new level altogether and is redefining the way products are bought and sold.

If you’re still confused about developing your own app consider these six reasons why it pays for businesses to go mobile.

1. One of the reason why handheld devices are catching up people’s mind is that they are incredibly easy to handle and use. Smart marketers take advantage of this and start branding their products and services on this. These devices enable the customer to access and utilise the pre-existing mechanisms to register, pay or book a particular service or product. Trust on mobile based payments has been increasing double fold over the years and customers feel cool using their mobile devices to order dress/shoes or for that matter of fact any household appliances. By having an app, businesses get placed in the consumer’s pocket and are with them all the time. A little creativity on the design and development side would make the business stand out.

2. Integrating social features into the App like comments, likes or in-app messaging that connects people will turn the App into a social platform. More than that it is connecting with people for regular updates and a place for interaction that gives regular feedback on the performance of the business.

3. In the mind of average customers, a business that has an App, is technology savvy and is update in terms of current trends. In simple terms, there is something impressive about having a mobile app. Not every brand today has an App, being there opens up an entire pool of people that can use and assess the services or products.

4. In today’s world, there are a lot of solution providers for the same problem. A niche is always required for success and is very rare. The best thing about the mobile platform is that it gives companies the potential to engage with their customers in real-time, making it simpler and more efficient for them to get in touch and thereby offering them products or services to make their life easier leading to loyal customers.

5. Mobile platforms are “no-frills” platforms. These are stripped down software’s that cater to very frugal and small sized apps that by the very nature of the OS are easy to access and use. Mobile peripherals can be integrated for the use of the app and have a specialized solution to the marketing and ad targeting problems. ‘App recognition’ enables the developer to position their app in the app market so that customers take notice; inexpensive and fast – it is one of the perfect pillars of existence.

6. It’s hardly a surprise that customers who can access the products or services easily are more likely to become repeated customers. An App need not always have a payment component to it for driving customer engagement. By providing valuable content an App can deliver lasting value to the customers and help them see the brand as a trusted authority. And with features like push notifications that chime updates from the customers’ pockets and purses, keeping the audience engaged has never been easier.

The bottom line, not all business need an App but it becomes exponentially better in all fields of business. The cost of developing an App can range from few thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars but if you’re unable to deliver value to the customers, this expense is hardly justifiable.

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