EDnTS is a web and mobile based application platform that provide online personalized video learning for students. The platform intends to address the challenges encountered by educational institutions may it be teaching tutorial, assessment or just about anything that improves their quality allowing them to standout from others. The Teachers or Educational institutions can create or upload video based teaching tutorial materials based on subject and category. They can further add on assessment testing video questions based on the tutorial with a time for completion and add Evaluators to them. Students will have the provision to watch the video tutorial any number of times and once they have learnt, can attend the test within the prescribed time to assess their skill. Once they complete the test, it goes for evaluation to the respective assigned evaluators. The Evaluators can see the question as well as the Student’s answer (both video) one at a time, side by side on the same page and rate the answer on a scale of 1-10 and provide appropriate comments for each answer. If required, the Evaluators have provision to ask further specific question to the Student based on what he/she has answered. Once the whole evaluation process is completed, reports are generated automatically subject/category wise which helps the Student as well as the Institution understand their performance.

EDnTS address all these challenges in a highly effective manner by
  • Allowing educational institutions to create their own teaching tutorials.
  • Allowing students to watch and learn teaching tutorial any number of time and then attend the test on their own schedule.
  • Allowing evaluators to assess the responses on their own schedule.
  • Creates objectivity in the process by giving each evaluators a chance to rate responses numerically.
  • Provides facility for evaluators to ask follow up video questions.
  • Generates individual report for each student as well as Rank orders them based on the rating done by the evaluators