INVENTORY ERP is an online application providing inventory and order management system that incorporates QuickBooks for keeping track of Invoices and Purchase Orders. The application supports multi-location warehouse management which helps to know exactly where the goods are located. The goods or items are stored in the inventory with a unique serial/lot number which helps easy tracking of them. Provision for appropriate stock level quantity is provided, which would automatically trigger notifications and alerts. Sales orders and purchase orders are managed via Quickbooks and shipping process via leading logistic providers. Separate handling mechanism is provided for back orders as well as expired goods.


Save time and money

- Deep integration with QuickBooks Online reduces data entry errors and frees up your time.

Work anywhere

- Web-based service allows you to access your information anytime, anywhere.

Keep tabs on your company

- Set automated notifications and alerts to be delivered via email.

Track serial/lot numbers

- Track items or lots and their histories by serial/lot number.

Issue purchase orders

- Track shipments and backorders. Print POs or email them directly to the vendor.
Pick, pack, and ship – Integrate your picking, packing, and shipping processes via leading logistic providers.

Multiple locations

- Full support for multi-location inventory. Always know exactly where your goods are.

Create sales orders

- Create sales orders and convert them to QuickBooks Online invoices.

Manage documents

- Upload documents and link them to transactions.

Automate your business

- Reduce or eliminate manual processes by automating your inventory management.